Meeting a real-life chat friend can be very exciting. At some point you want to fulfill your fantasies with someone in real life. But be always on guard, because people who spend in chat rooms can be someone else!

Check the identity of your friend

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At a meeting it is also helpful to have friends or tell someone where you are going. On the one hand, it can be very exciting to meet new friends in chat and then meet in real life. On the other hand, in anonymous chats are often fraudsters that have nothing good in mind. Therefore, get to know your chat partners properly before you meet with them. It’s best to make a phone call before the first meeting or use the built-in webcam chat.

Ask for the phone number, the Facebook or Instagram account. There maybe friends of yours are friends with the new acquaintance.

For the first meeting, public places like the cinema, bar, disco or café are perfect.

Build trust

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Meeting new people can be very exciting. Therefore, think in advance what you want to do. Think about some profound topics such as relationship, love, travel, movies, sports and hobbies. Avoid superficial issues like weather, food and the usual “what are you doing?” question.

Ask specific questions and always ask to keep the conversation going. You can also use pacing, a neurolinguistic programming technique, to gain the trust of your counterpart. In doing so, you repeat what your interlocutor said and add something.

Reduce nervousness and increase self-confidence and positive charisma

Do not take the first meeting seriously! Even if you do not have many dates, do not put the date on a throne. If you do not think it’s that important you’re less nervous and the nervousness gives way to coolness.

Your friend is not the same as in the online video chat

Your friend can suddenly be quite different at a real meeting than in video chat. That can happen. Bring the meeting friendly and polite across the stage. You do not have to meet again.