Chatcloud is more than a simple chat. It’s a modern community. Whether you want to go for one-to-one chats, small groups or big public groups.

Whether you want to be visible to attract members or want to keep independent and private. You can join communities, groups or chat one-to-one. Choose the theme you want – light for the day or dark for the night. Open Feature Overview.

End to end encrypted chat


All data can be end-to-end encrypted, which means that no one, except the users in the room, can read your messages, not even server admins. We use the best end-to-end encryption which is available today.

We use a easy to use key backup which you need, when you login to another device.

Voice & Cam Chat

Chatcloud offers one touch voice and cam chats for two persons or groups. It works on your webbrowser as well as on mobile and tablet. During a video converence it is easy to share a link with other users.

Camchat on Desktop and Mobile
Filetransfer in Chat


Ohhhhh yes. You can also share files via drag-and-drop, browse archives or search for uploaded files.

But be aware, connect with care. Files can contain malware, viruses, trojans.


You can customize notifications to suit your conditions. It works out of the box through your web browser.

Notifications on Desktop and App

Apps, Stickers, Widgets

To extend the experience of chatting, various widgets such as Spotify can be installed. In addition, cute stickers as they are known from the Facebook Messenger can be used. A basic feature is the built in wysiwyg editor for different purposes such es code sharing.

Texteditor in Chat

Choose your platform

Chatcloud works on all modern browsers and mobile devices such as iOS and Android. We support Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.