You always wanted to know which commands you can use in our chat? Start the message with “/” and the usable commands appear.

/shrug “message”
Prepends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to a plain-text message
/ddg “query”
Searches DuckDuckGo for results
/upgraderoom “new_version”
Upgrades a room to a new version
/nick “display_name”
Changes your display nickname
/myroomnick “display_name”
Changes your display nickname in the current room only
/myroomavatar [“mxc_url”] Changes your avatar in this current room only
/myavatar [“mxc_url”] Changes your avatar in all rooms
/tint “color1” [“color2”] Changes colour scheme of current room. Use rgb color code: #RRGGBB
/topic [“topic”] Gets or sets the room topic
/roomname “name”
Sets the room name
/invite “user_id”
Invites user with given id to current room
/join “room-alias”
Joins room with given alias
/part [“room-alias”] Leave room
/kick “user-id” [“reason”] Kicks user with given id
/ban [“reason”] Bans user with given id
/unban “user-id”
Unbans user with given ID
/ignore “user-id”
Ignores a user, hiding their messages from you
/unignore “user-id”
Stops ignoring a user, showing their messages going forward
/op “user-id” [“power-level”] Define the power level of a user
/deop “user-id”
Deops user with given id
/devtools Opens the Developer Tools dialog
/addwidget “url”
Adds a custom widget by URL to the room
/verify “user-id” “device-id” “device-signing-key”
Verifies a user, device, and pubkey tuple
/me “message”
Displays action
/discardsession Forces the current outbound group session in an encrypted room to be discarded
/rainbow “message”
Sends the given message coloured as a rainbow
/rainbowme “message”
Sends the given emote coloured as a rainbow